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Podcast – One Among the Sleepless

May 10, 2008 4:59 pm

One Among the SleeplessI have been listening to various podcasts over the past year or so, particularly when I travel and I though I’d like to share those that I have enjoyed listening to. I’m going to do several posts, one per podcast, to spread them out a little and to keep a nice format whereby I can add new podcast posts as I listen to them

So, let’s kick off with a relatively gentle, non-Science Fiction story which I loved and found to be very funny: One Among the Sleepless by Mike Bennett. It’s a story of some pretty weird people living in Brighton, England. We follow their lives and interactions as they try to sort out noisy neighbours, get on with each other, get off with each other and generally try to make sense of things. Normal stuff really but things do get a little out of hand at times. These people are embarrassingly British with strange habits brought excellently to life by Mike Bennett who reads this story perfectly. He has a great, laconic delivery that entirely suits his writing; I love his voice.

You can pick up the podcast from the One Among the Sleepless web site. If you check out the rave reviews you will find that I am not the only person to love this story. To get a quick taste of his style you can listen to the promo using the player below (if that fails you can try this link).