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NEWSFLASH: Who Said You Can’t Train Cats?

January 16, 2008 7:03 pm

Michael K’s Cat
This just in from our Foreign Correspondent, Michael, in Alameda, California. He managed to capture his cat, Little Kat, executing a perfect rendition of Boat Pose, I think while watching the Dog Whisperer on tv.

4.jpg Impressive, but can she do this?

A Private Yoga Lesson

12:27 am

SammieI wasn’t kidding when I said I was lucky. Obviously not! One huge part of my life in California that I miss terribly was my twice-a-week two-and-a-half hour one-on-one yoga lessons that I did for three years with a beautiful Javanese yogini named Sammie. She’s the sort of yogini who can wrap her feet around her head with no problem, as if her bones were made of rubber. It’s not that she doesn’t work at it: she gets up at 4 every morning and practices – hard – for two hours. That is the kind of dedication that, alas, I can only hope awaits me in a future life.

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